Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The location of the Carvings is called Naghsh-e Rostam. Rostam is the name of Persian Legend. The Carving of "Horse, King and God" is tied in this location with the "Ancient Myth of Rostam". Here I explore this coincidence. --Siamak D. Ahi


.... A Place Called "Naghsh-e Rostam"

Naghsh-e Rostam means the Image of Rostam. Rostam himself is being considered the most popular legend in Iranian culture. Some believe that The great work of Ferdowsi, the Shahnameh (book of kings) made Rostam eternal.

The oldest drawing of Naghsh-e Rostam from 19th century by European traveller.

Rostam plays a central role in Iranian or Persian Identity.
Whether the name "Naghsh-e Rostam" comes from this mythical figure described in "Shah-nameh", or existed independent from "Shah-nameh" has not been a subject of research. Ferdowsi himself lived about 1500 years after the the first carvings of Nagheh-e Rostam

Rostam and Shahr-e Soukhteh (Burnt City)
Rostam myth must be older than Ferdowsi and Sasanid or Achaemenid time. Rostam’s root in Zabol can refer to a more ancient civilization. Particularly in the last 20 years the finding in Shahr-e Sookhteh easily proves the existence of a well developed civilization near Zabol.

Shahr-e Soukhteh, is called the ancient regional capital for a millennium.
It is located in Sistan Baluchestan province , 55 kms to the south of Zabol. Shahr-e Soukhteh was the capital of the region for more than 1000 years (3200-2100 BC).

If Rostam Myth is not older than this civilization, then we can assume its created in during this cvilization and is at least 5000 years old. Some 2500 years older than Sasanid and Achaemenid.

This fact alone is enough to believe that the name of this place and these rocks, "Naghsh-e Rostam" could be "Older" than the Empires like Achaemenid and Sasanid...!



Use of Rostam as Name

Rotam is used as a name for men in Iran, Afghanistan and many middle eastern and central asian countries

Rostam is used in many combinations like: Rostam-ali , Rostam-nezhad , Rostam-zadeh , Rostam-shah , Rostam-pour..

It is still easy to find a village called "Rostam-abad". In a search for Rostam, I came up with a list and links to places like: Takht-e Rostam, Rostam-kalateh,
Bakhsh-e Rostam, Rostam-kala, Khoresh-Rostam and so on.

Rostam, also referred to commanders in North Iranian Languages. (kaveh Farokh, Sassanian Elite Cavalry, AD 224-642 AD


List of places like castle or village and tribe with the name Rostam:

Rostam-abad in Kerman, Zarand, in Tehran http://sedi.esteri.it/teheran/ambasciata/amb_sedi_farsi.html
Takht-e Rostam in Shahriar, in Varamin
Rostam-kalateh, in Gorgan
Bakhsh-e Rostam in Char-Mahal va Bakhtiari
Rostam-kala Gilan
Khoresh-Rostam, Ardebil
Rostam; one Tireh in Mamasani Iel (tribe) in Fars
Rostam-abad Varamin
Rostam-khani Village, Lorestan
http://www.lorestancommerce.ir/darbare lorestan_ozae_tabiee.htm
Rostam-akhori (Asb-akhori)
Ghal’e Rostam http://tarikh.isfedu.org/dbrtarikh/okhojet.htm
Poshtkooh--e Rostam 34367 Mamasani, dehestan http://www.fdo.ir/files/auto_cityCode.xls


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